5 Things to do in Jaen that you never experienced before

Jaen is a popular city of Renaissance architecture, olives, free tapas, and mountains. Even though Jaen is Spain’s low-profile part, but it has a lot to offer for its visitors. You just have to rent a car and start enjoying the best of Jaen comfortably. Finding the best car hire companies for cheap car hire isn’t tough here. Compare car hire, because a quick car rental comparison can let you have better rental cars options with ease.

Jaen5 most amazing things to do in Jaen

However, if you are curious to know what are the things you must enjoy after hiring a car rental, then here we have enlisted some amazing things to do in Jaen that you must enjoy.

So, here we go with our best things to do in Jaen list:

Jaen Cathedral

This is undoubtedly the most admired tourist attraction to visit in Jaen. This is basically a catholic church situated in Santa Maria Square leading Jaen’s skyline. The famous architect Andrés de Vandelvira designed this cathedral. Overall, this is a classy yet magnificent building designed in Renaissance architecture. Even more, it is also a resting place for many people who were imprisoned in the building.

San Ildefonso Church

Most importantly, this church isn’t far from the Cathedral and is easily accessible for everyone. Well, this historic church was constructed in 1248 with portals including Renaissance, neoclassic and Gothic. You can visit the San Ildefonso Church to see all these admirable portals in real.

Castillo de Santa Catalina

Have a look at this castle’s top that is sitting on the Cerro de Santa Catalina conveniently. You can also visit the Castillo to have charismatic views of the capital city that drapes over hills. It can let you watch over inhabitants just like a guardian angel.

Honestly, the surrounding views from the castle are amazingly breathtaking with olive trees’ never-ending fleet.

Land of Liquid Gold

There is no doubt that Jaen is at olive production and processing’s forefront in southern Europe. It is because the Jaen Province is accounting about half of the olive oil production of Andalusia. Surprisingly, the province has more than 60 million of olive trees. Due to which Jaen is claiming fame for “Capital of Olive Oil in the world”.

So, you can explore the Liquid Gold farms here to know more about the processing and production of olive oil.

Tranquil Hornos de Segura

If you want to visit something aside from busy and sparkling Jaen life, then this peaceful little village can give you a perfect break from the city’s hustle and bustle. Most importantly, the unique setting of this village also makes it an amazing place to visit for both tourists and locals. Even more, the little village has a varied environment.

You can easily have a different kind of relaxing experience here while walking in the Tranquil Hornos de Segura.

So, make sure to keep all the above-mentioned things on your bucket list whenever you visit Jaen. It is because visiting these places and enjoying different activities here will definitely let you create unforgettable memories.