Spain, the second best European country for road trips

SpainAccording to an international report by Kayak, Spain is positioned as the second best European country for a road trip, behind Germany and ahead of Cyprus, Lithuania and France, which make the “top five”.

Specifically, the report highlights Spain’s good climate for most of the year and good road condition, as well as low pollution levels, large natural areas and a list of heritage sites. UNESCO. high. in the ranking.

Additionally, the Kayak report also shows that 55% of European travellers plan to travel by land this season, while 35% plan to travel by plane.

The data shows that searches for car rental in Europe in the third week of June increased by 162% compared to 2019 (up 133% for the case of Spanish tourists). Flight searches, which continue to account for the largest number of searches, increased by only about 25% year-on-year.