5 things to do in Puerto del Carmen this summer

Everybody wants to mark the best of their holidays when they are fortunately able to grab the time to spend with their loved one, family, or friends. Exploring new things by visiting a new place where you have never gone seems amazing just like that if you visit Puerto Del Carmen which is a beautiful resort or you may say a tourist destination in the Lanzarote having beautiful natural scenery. Having a cheap car hire will make it easier for you to explore the area. You can easily find car hire companies in Lanzarote that are providing best car rental services.

You would love to know about the things and activities that you can perform to make your holidays unforgettable. So, before you go to Puerto Del Carmen, do not forget to enlist the best activities and visit some most interesting places in Puerto Del Carmen.

Puerto Del Carmen5 things to do in Puerto Del Carmen

So, here I am sharing the things that you can do or you can explore by visiting some beautiful landmarks near Puerto Del Carmen that recommend you to

1. Visit Rancho Texas Park with your kids

The married couples can also enjoy their trip to Puerto Del Carmen with their kids by bringing them the best of entertainment like they can visit Rancho Texas Park with their kids. Rancho Texas Park is an animal park where you will find different animals having wonderful features and their entertaining tricky shows will let your kids to the peak of excitement. Lion sea show is the most famous entertainment show in Rancho Texas Park near Puerto Del Carmen. This park is also linked with the water park that remains open for a long time a day.

2. Enjoy a full-day trip to Island Lanzarote

Puerto Del Carmen is situated in Puerto Del Carmen surrounded by the beautiful Island of Lanzarote having colourful days and lively nights that you would never like to skip from your life. You can visit parks and the beaches on this Island and not only the Parks but you can also explore the beautiful mountains through hiking. You would love to do it while moving around the Island and having great shopping.

3. Enjoy a beautiful sea view at Puerto Calero

It is heart taking scene when you go through the seaside. It looks amazing when you reach there at the time of sunset. The noise of sea waves slows down and the beautiful yellow sun shows its reflection in the seawater.

4. Take a ride inside the sea in a submarine

In Puerto Del Carmen, you can enjoy walking along the seaside but also take a ride inside the sea through a submarine. The blue submarine is the best option for those who do not know how to swim or are afraid of swimming but want to see the sea life closely. You can also take your kids with you in the blue submarine and let them enjoy the sea life.

5. Do not forget to explore the nearby places

The neared places are also loaded with amazing features and fun facts like you can find the underwater museum, Aqua Park, and national park having volcanic marks to explore through having a ride over a bus.


Puerto Del Carmen is one of the best places to visit during your vacation as you will find many fun facts and amazing places there. If you are planning to rent a car make sure to compare car hire service providers. A car hire comparison will make it easier for you to pick best hire cars services.