6 Best and unique beaches in Catalonia

CataloniaCatalonia is one of the famous Communities of Spain which is known for its beaches. If you ever visit Catalonia it is recommended never to miss the lively beaches because they can provide you with the best experience. If you want to make more memories on your trip you should never miss the beautiful and charming beaches of Catalonia.

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Top 6 beaches in Catalonia you cannot miss

There are plenty of beaches in Catalonia and each one is different from the other. If you are a beach lover this place is specifically for you. You can take advantage of car rental as they can take you to different beach locations with convenience. Let’s discuss some of the famous beaches in Catalonia which you should explore during your visit.

1. Costa Brava

This is one of the famous beach locations in Catalonia which can provide you with many activities. If you are a golf lover there is a golf course situated at this location. There are many beaches present at this location. Overall, it is a very refreshing and lively place. You can also enjoy camping at this location.

2. Lloret de Mar

This is a Spanish town which is famous for Sandy beaches. If you want to spend a lazy day at a Sandy beach Beneath the lovely sun this is the best location for you. This place is also famous for its beautiful nightlife. You can enjoy many activities which is why you should not miss visiting this place whenever you visit Catalonia.

3. Salou

This is a Beach location with a lot of beaches with a beautiful environment and moderate weather. If you are travelling with family this can be the best location for you because it has a lot of theme parks. You can take your kids there because this place does not compromise the safety of children and families.

4. Tossa de Mar

Do you admire castles? This place will provide you with a fairy tale because there are many castles at the location. It is a place and home to many beaches where you can enjoy water sport activities and nightlife. You can go camping at this site as there are many beautiful spots for camping. It is a safe and protected place that will also provide you with privacy and security.

5. Castell-Platja d’Aro

This is also home to many beaches and scenic views. The sky at this location is very clear and beautiful from where you can enjoy perfect sunsets. It also has a lot of casinos so the people who are interested in such activities can visit this place without having any inconvenience. It is recommended by most of the local people as well.

6. Calella

It is a historic and old place which has a lot of history and heritage associated with it. It is home to many lighthouses and beaches where you can enjoy most of the water sport activities. If you are into adventure and thrill this is the best location for you.


Catalonia is a beautiful location in Spain which is known for its tremendous and beautiful beaches. Some of the most popular and breathtaking beaches with scenic views and a lot of activities are discussed in detail. There are many other places and views which you have to visit during your stay. If you are arriving in Barcelona, check out prices here.