The 5 best beaches to visit in Ibiza on your next holiday

Ibiza is an island in Spain and is popularly known for its night-life and parties. Many tourists come to explore Ibiza and the beauty it holds. Apart from its nightlife and luxurious parties, Ibiza also has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

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In this article, we’re going to tell you about the 5 best beaches you can visit if you’re ever in Ibiza.

The 5 best beaches to visit in Ibiza on your next holidayVisit these 5 beaches in Ibiza for an unforgettable experience

There are many naturally beautiful beaches in Ibiza but we’re going to discuss the 5 top-most ones.

Cala Salada

Cala Salada is located in the north of Ibiza near San Antonio. Cala Salada is well-known for its crystal-clear water, sandy cove, and pine hills. People in Cala Salada can go for a swim as tides aren’t very high and the water is shallow. Moreover, people in Cala Salada can go pedal boating under the supervision of a lifeguard. There are many fancy restaurants and spots where you can watch the astonishing view of Cala Salada beach.


Benirras is located in the north of Ibiza near San Miguel. Benirras is popularly known for its beautiful rocky hills that lie in the center of the ocean of Benirras. As the waters are clear and shallow you can go snorkeling in Benirras. Moreover, yachting and motor boating are also some of the major activities that you can do in Benirras. You can also view the sunset with your family and loved ones in Benirras as the view is mesmerizing and at night time you can also listen to the cultural music of Ibiza which is sung by locals.

Cala Conta

Cala Conta is located near San Antonio and rather than a single beach Cala Conta is a mixture of 3 different beaches. Cala Conta is well-known for its crystal-clear calm turquoise waters and is best for people who want to visit a beach with their families. Cala Conta also has multiple islands which you can see and scuba diving, and swimming is one of the most popular activities that Cala Conta offers to its visitors. There are many restaurants from where you can view the beautiful sunset and boats sailing.

Cala Olivera

Cala Olivera is located in Spain near Cala llonga and is one of the most beautiful beaches of Ibiza. Cala Olivera is well-known for its mesmerizing rocky hills, and the natural view of the vast ocean.
People in Cala Olivera can rent a boat and explore the oceans of Cala Olivera. There are also rock-climbing activities that people in Cala Olivera can do. There are some restaurants near Cala Olivera that provide unique seafood.

Las Salinas

Las Salinas is located in the southern part of Ibiza near Ibiza Town. Las Salinas is well-known for the different facilities it has to offer like high-class restaurants and massage. People visiting Las Salinas can also do various kinds of watersport activities like kayaking, pedalos, and sailing. There are also high-class bars and clubs in which you can go at night time. Moreover, the water of Las Salinas is calm and shallow which makes it perfect for surfing, and scuba diving.

If you are ever in Ibiza and want to meditate or simply enjoy calm and shallow turquoise waters make sure to check the above-mentioned beaches in Ibiza.