The Best 6 Wine Regions to Visit in Spain

The geographical location and the temperature of Spain makes it the perfect place for Wineries and Vineyards. This is the reason why Spain is known for its wine all over the world. Another reason is the historical and traditional vineyards.

So, if you visit Spain, make sure that you visit these wine regions in Spain. However, to make your travelling experience better, you can get the services of some car hire companies in Spain. Make sure to compare car rental services to get the best rates.

The Best 6 Wine Regions to Visit in SpainThe top 6 wine regions in Spain that you must visit

The following are the best wine regions that you can visit in Spain.


It is a small area in Spain that is known for its red wine. Although it is small, it is still one of the places that produces a lot of wine globally. There are about 15,000 grape growers present in this place with more than 600 wineries. Statistically, we can say that this whole wine region is spread over 64000 hectares of vineyards so it will be a great decision to rent a car while coming here.

Ribera Del Duero

The grapes of this area are known for some special types of wine that are made in Spain. These special wines are delicate as compared to other types of wine. One of the most interesting things about this place is that it has historical vineyards so visiting this will provide you with a lot of information and experience.


This is the place which is known as the place with Spain’s greatest wine secrets. It is because this is a place that is known for wine production since the 12th century. When you come here, you can see the vineyards and another thing that will grab your attention will be the mountains that make the place provide an awesome sight. Due to the tough terrain, the production here is very low so the costs are very high for the vines produced here.

Rias Baixas

This is the place that is located right next to the north-west border of Portugal and this place is known for the white wine of Spain. Apart from the wine, you can also experience the great seafood of this region. So, make sure that you get car rental services only after doing the car hire comparison to make your trip even better.


Cava is the land of the best sparkling wine in Spain. It is all because of the Macabeo, Parellada types of grapes which make one of the best wines in the world.


This is the region for wine where the most commonly consumed wine is produced. Here the most produced grapes are the Verdejo grape which produces very aromatic wines. The wines made here come with a touch of tropical fruit and a little bitterness.


If you ever get to visit Spain and want to visit the best wine regions, the 6 that we mentioned here must not be missed. It is because these regions of wine production will tell you about all the different types and categories of wine production in Spain. Make sure to get the rental cars to freely get to move between different locations. A rental car will make your holiday spontaneous and makes for a more flexible travel. You can book and search for a rental car before you go and compare prices from many companies.