Things to do in Sabadell on your next holiday

Located in the Catalonia region of Spain, Sabadell is not as famous as the other tourist destinations of Spain. Still, it is indeed a hidden gem that is worth a visit. You will be left surprised at some of the beautiful places you see and unique things to do here. This hidden destination has so many different tourist attractions to explore that you will be left wanting to spend more time here. What’s more, Barcelona and Tarragona are located just a stone’s throw away from Sabadell, and you can easily make a day trip out of visiting these two towns as well when you are in Sabadell.

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SabadellHere are some of the best things to do in Sabadell when you have a rental car along.

1. Begin your trip at the Museu del Gas

The Museu del Gas is a unique building in Sabadell. This building is the masterpiece of architect Juli Batllevel. Construction in 1899, this building is an iconic piece of architecture in Sabadell and all of Spain. The purpose behind designing this building was to produce electricity from gas turbines.

The locals of Sabadell refer to the Museu del Gas as La Energia. Once you are in the city, it is hard to miss this beautiful structure as it is located in the Plaza del Duque de la Victoria, which has been renamed Plaza del Gas.

The Museu del Gas is a huge tourist attraction for architecture lovers. This is also the ideal spot to spend a relaxing time in the plaza, just reading a book or sipping on a drink.

2. Explore the Iglesia de Sant Fèlix

This charming church of Sabadell is also known as Sant Feliu. The most striking feature of the Iglesia de Sant Fèlix is its bell tower, which is constructed in the Baroque style. It has been built in an octagonal layout, and there are three bells housed inside. Two are liturgical, while a third marks the passing of the city’s hours and quarter hours.

As you enter the church, you can view an exhibit around the building, including the bells that have been used in the bell tower over the church’s lifetime.

3. Browse through the Mercado Central de Sabadell

Park your rental car in the corner and head on over to explore the colourful market of Sabadell. This central market of Sabadell is the best place to truly explore the city and witness its lifestyle up close. Located in a building, the market occupies 4000 square meters and sits in the Plaza del Mercat.

Inside the market building, you will find over 100 stands formed through a system of metallic structures. The interior is indeed a sight to behold. On special holidays like Easter or Christmas, the interiors of the market are also decked up beautifully.