Top 5 beaches in Lanzarote you should visit on your next holiday

The Canary Islands have a lot of beautiful Islands which are located in Lanzarote. You can come across some of the most beautiful beaches here. There are many types of beaches present that contain volcanic black sand or golden sand that glitters in the sun.

You can choose the beach according to your taste and requirement. Some of the best beaches that you should visit in Lanzarote Are described in detail. Get a hire car and have fun in Lanzarote. You should look to hire best car rental companies. Car rental comparison will help you find good services. Car hire is cheap on the island and you will find a lot of options at the airport.

Top 5 beaches in Lanzarote you should visit on your next holidayThe best 5 beaches in Lanzarote:

Lanzarote contains many beaches that are beautiful and natural. Some of the most breathtaking beaches are described below so that you can have a better idea about the beaches in Lanzarote.

1. Playa Caletón Blanco

This is one of the most beautiful beaches of Lanzarote for those who love nature and want to stay near to it. You will find a variety of sand at this beach as it contains volcanic black sand as well as crystal white sand making it very beautiful and attractive Most of the tourists miss this beach because they are unaware of it. You shouldn’t miss it if you want to export the beauty of nature along with your family.

2. Playa de Papagayo

This is one of the most popular beaches which is why it is visited by many tourists. It is a chain of beaches that is separated by volcanic rocks resulting from eruptions. This beach is very beautiful and it has a Golden color which is a beautiful sight. It sparkles like glitter in the sunlight. The water at the speech is also crystal clear and clean.

3. Caletón Blanco

This is the perfect island for summers because throughout the Year cool breezes are blowing here. It contains white sand which is amazing to look at. You can spend quality time along with your family at this beach because of its breathtaking beauty and access to nature. It is a perfect summer destination for tourists from all across the world.

4. Playa La Francesa

If you enjoy water-based activities and boating, you should visit this beach. The sparkling golden sand makes it very beautiful especially when the sun shines on it. You can also have a Clear View of sunsets from this beach along with many water-based activities that include boating and fishing. You should not miss this site because it is very attractive and beautiful having all the aspects of nature that you are looking for.

5. Papagayo

This is one of the most beautiful and attractive beaches of Lanzarote. It is surrounded by various cliffs which make it hidden and safe. If you want to visit along with your family this is the perfect spot which provides privacy as well as entertainment. It remains populated throughout the year because it is a tourist attraction for most people. You can visit here to experience the most beautiful and peaceful vacations that you are craving.

Lanzarote Is known for its unique and beautiful beaches. Some of the most common and attractive beaches are mentioned above. Do you need a rental car? Probably yes, you can compare prices and book before you go if you want to rent a car cheapest. There are man car rental companies on the island that can offer affordable rental cars.