5 reasons why you should go to Granada for your next holiday

GranadaGranada is a city famous for love and hospitality for foreigners. The people of Granada are very friendly and welcome strangers warmly. No doubt it is the basic and first reason that allows anybody to visit Granada and enjoy his/her holidays. Including the friendly nature of Spanish people, Granada is also the place where you will find different opportunities to amuse you and your family or friends by participating in different activities and visiting different beautiful and historical places.

You would like to know that Granada has been one of the amazing cities of Europe that tourists from all over the world prefer to visit. If you do not have a vehicle to explore the area you can easily get car hire. There are many car rental companies that are providing all types of hire cars at affordable rates.

5 reasons why you should go to Granada for your next tour

Rather than the hospitality, there are some other reasons regarding the entertainment and enjoyment throughout the holidays as following.

1. You are going to explore Alhambra on the Peak of Nevada Mountains

Alhambra is one of the most visited and admired masterpieces of Granada city that is considered a Muslim monument. The beautiful building of Alhambra looks awesome in the sunshine of summer and makes you feel you are visiting the world’s best place due to its beautiful architectural view.

The local guide will join you to explain the history of this beautiful castle that was first under the control of Muslims then it became the catholic Monarch. You need to verify the booking earlier to avoid too much gathering of visitors.

2. You will find beaches to make your holidays wet and amazing

It is not an architectural or historical city of Spain but it is also one that is beautiful and enriched with many amazing beaches. So, this is quite a simple but refreshing reason to visit Granada that you will find many beaches like Almunecar.

These beaches look adorable in the dazzling sunshine when the sand or near the coastline shines. It will provide you a chance to keep you fresh and energetic even in summer if you go through different beach activities like scuba diving, swimming, water surfing, etc.

3. You will get an opportunity to visit the world’s oldest architect site

You are going to avail yourself of an opportunity to visit the world’s oldest architectural sites like Segovia. It is one of the world’s ancient architect sites that accelerates you to explore things about past architectures and their unique way of working.

4. You can do skiing on the mountains of Sierra Nevada

The mountains of Sierra Nevada are also one of the beautiful reasons to visit Granada. They seem beautiful and adorable when the white snow covers them, especially at the peak. You can visit these mountains and get a chance to sunbathe and enjoy skiing.

5. You will see Cathedral in Granada

Cathedral or 16th century is also one of the masterpieces in Granada that will grab your attention making you feel the past and the love for virgin of Incarnation. All you need to get a cathedral card to get access to visit it.


Granada is a city that has hundreds of reasons forcing you to visit it on your next tour. The top 5 reasons to visit Granada have been shared in this article with you. Before you hire a car do a proper car hire comparison. When you will compare car hire companies it will be easier for you to find cheap car rental services.