5 Things to do in Almería that will make your holiday memorable

Almeria is one of the beautiful cities in Spain which is preferred by tourists. It is worth visiting because of its peaceful environment as it is not crowded compared to other Spanish cities. You can spend your vacation in peace and tranquillity if that is what you are looking for.

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AlmeriaTop 5 things you should not miss doing in Almeria

Almeria is famous for its beautiful locations and spots which is why you will have enough activities to do. If you are a stranger in the city you can go for a car hire as it will make everything convenient for you. Rental cars are available at the airport in affordable price ranges however you should still compare car hire to have an idea about the fares.

1. Conjunto Monumental de la Alcazaba de Almería

It is a wall fortification in the City which looks majestic and beautiful. It is called monumental because it was built in the 10th century which makes it quite old. If you are interested in peeking into Spanish history it is recommended to visit this fortification. It has a lot of gardens and water features which makes the place best for walking and exploring.

2. Almeria Cathedral

this is a Roman Cathedral present in the city Almeria and it is quite famous because of its history and beautiful building. It was built by some of the famous architects which makes it look Majestic even after so many years.

It is the Roman Catholic cathedral which makes it a source of tourist attraction. It is also considered as the seat to Diocese of Almería.

3. Museum of Almeria

The Museum of Almeria is worth visiting because it is considered the best and most influential museum and the whole province. It has a lot of Archaeological findings that are loved by the people and are very much memorizing.

The Museum has been opened to the public since the year 1934 because it reflects Roman archaeology and history which should not be missed by the tourists. If you are interested in learning about Roman history and archaeology this museum is a must to see. You can rent a car to easily reach the museum.

4. Museo de Arte Doña Pakyta

It is an art museum that is located in Almeria. The Museum has a lot of masterpieces related to art and culture. If you are a person who admires art a lot you should visit this museum and explore Roman art. There are famous art pieces made by popular artists.

5. Paseo de Almería

This is a commercial area in the city of Almeria. It has a lot of cafes and shops where you can purchase different things and also eat delicious food. You can go for a walk within this commercial area because it will introduce you to many local shops and ornaments. If you want to purchase things for yourself this is the best place you should visit.


Almeria is a beautiful Spanish city which is recommended by the locals and foreigners because of its beautiful location. It has a lot of places to visit and activities to do. You will enjoy your stay in this city of Spain during your vacation.