6 things to do in Alcala de Henares

Alcala de Henares is a city loaded with the history of Spain and all the important events that happened there. You will also find information about the wars and the religious reforms. It will be a wonderful tour in Alcala de Henares if you are a history lover and love to explore old civilizations, sculptures, art, and religions.

Alcala de Henares6 things to do in Alcala de Henares

To have the best time in Alcala de Henares it is better to hire a car so you can move around easily. There are some amazing car rental companies that have a huge variety of car rental for you to select from. Here are the 6 amazing things that you can do in Alcala de Henares.

You would get an opportunity to visit Cervantes birthplace museum

This museum is made to keep refreshing the memories of a Spanish author of Don Quijote. His books and other stuff he had been using throughout his life have been placed in this museum. Here you can explore the Cervantes if you love to read and know about him.

You will find an open-air museum in Alcala de Henares

When you walk through the city Alcala de Henares and look around, you will find many sculptures alongside the roads. It will look amazing just like the ancient castles of kings but it is not a castle but a historical overview in the open air. It was founded in the early 1990s in the city of Spain Alcala de Henares by Spanish and international artists in whom they made many versatile sculptures to present the civilization of Spain and some other Christian countries.

Visit the oldest theatre Teatro Corral De Comedias

Teatro Corral de Comedias is the oldest theatre made in Alcala de Henares in the 1600s in which you can see different sculptures made of stones and the beautiful building representing the art of comedy and the dramas through this monument. This oldest theatre has gone through many changes through the years but it has again transformed to its old shape and occupied the things it was having before making changes.

Visit Rio Henares

The beautiful riverside Rio Henares is also a place of attraction when you feel you are tired from the continuous driving and need a break in Alcala de Henares, you can stay there for a while to relax and enjoy nature’s beautiful view.

Visit the regional archaeological museum

The regional archaeological museum is a treasure of history for those who love history and looking for a source to explore and find the true stories behind each scenario. If you are one who loves history, then you must visit this regional archaeological museum.

This museum gives a detailed overview of all the aspects of the history from the ancient time till now through the sculptures, clothes, books, ornaments, architects and many other things that represent the old and recent civilization and the show very distinct differences among them.

Wander around call mayor

We have already explained in this article that Alcala de Henares is a historical city where you will find many historical buildings and the streets. One of the historical places, Call Mayor is also a historical street where you will find the art of many beautiful architects in the form of houses and the floor. You cannot deny its historical transparency in a beautiful picture. It was designed at the end of the 12th century. You can see the amazingly built pillars of the buildings and their wonderful steeply roves that make you speechless.


Alcala de Henares has multiple activities to do there but it is specialized for historical information. If you need a cheap car rental it is better to do car rental comparison. When you will compare car hire companies at Madrid Airport it will get easier for you to hire a car in your budget.