6 Things to do in Tarragona that are nice to do with your family

Having a trip in Spain and not visiting Tarragona, the second largest region of Spain in ancient times that now has been turned into a modern and beautiful city that is few miles away from Barcelona city. If you are a history lover and want to explore some amazing stuff of your choice and interest, you should invest in visiting Tarragona because it is the place where you will have several activities to do even in your one-day stay.

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You will find historical buildings, museums, beaches, markets, and other tourist destinations in Tarragona. This city is quite famous for its great number of beaches with beautiful and astonishing views.

Tarragona6 Things to do in Tarragona:

Tarragona is the best place as you can do many fun and adventurous activities thereby visiting different buildings and spots near it. You would love to explore Tarragona by not wasting a single moment there.

1. Move forward to National Archaeological museum

The best place for history and architecture lovers, the National Archaeological Museum you will also find in Tarragona. This museum has several things to explore especially for those who want to explore the past of Russian. There you will also find a source of entertainment along with exploring history like theatre, monuments, and the circus, etc.

2. Explore the Cathedral of Tarragona

The Cathedral of Tarragona is one of the most romantic and well-oriented old buildings in Spain. It was first dedicated to Augustus and now to Santa Tecla. It is amazing to take a sharp and aesthetic view of the city by climbing through the bell tower. It is the highest spot in this small village to look around the whole city. You would not skip a single scene of the city when you visit the Cathedral of Tarragona.

3. Do not forget to step into Amphitheater

The amphitheatre in Tarragona is also a place that you can visit and find several activities to do there not only for the archaeological lover but also provides fun making activities. Here you will find the opportunity to explore the history of the Roman Empire.

4. Plan a visit to Portaventura with your kids

It is the best place to visit with your kids if you are travelling with them in Spain. Your kids will love to visit Portaventura as it does have several kinds of roller coasters, a pool, and a water show to amuse your kids.

5. Find out the Tamarit castle

The romantic Tamarit castle is surrounded by beautiful beaches and the natural beauty of the landscape looks adorable that you can visit and explore. It is also a type of historical building that you should never skip during your visit to Tarragona.

6. Never skip the Balco Del Mediterrani

When you visit Tarragona in Spain, never forget to visit the sea and the beautiful view around it. The best sea view in Tarragona you can find is Balco Del Mediterrani that moves along the railway’s lines and continues for miles. The seashore looks amazing when you find the ships and the boats sailing there. This is a really wonderful view around which you will also find beautiful houses a few feet higher than the beachside. The Balco Del Mediterrani sea view starts from the end of Rambla Nova Boulevard.


In Tarragona, you can go through several activities to bring an amazing touch to your holidays especially if you have a deep interest in history and archaeology.