The 5 Best Golf Courses In Andalusia that are amazing to play

The 5 Best Golf Courses In Andalusia that are amazing to playSpain is one of the best holiday destinations and there are many places you can visit on your trip. You will likely visit Andalusia in Spain which is famous for many activities and places. There are Golf courses in Andalusia which is why most of the people in Spain choose it whenever it comes to playing golf.

If you ever visit the city it is recommended to take a look at the Golf courses because they can provide you with all the information about golf and you can also play it without facing any inconvenience. You can get cheap car hire to visit places. It is easy to hire a car, however you should go for a car hire comparison.

Top 5 best golf courses in Andalusia you should not miss

Andalusia is one of the famous cities which has a moderate temperature and a very pleasant environment. You will come across many cultural heritage sites because it is an important city of history. On average there are 101 Golf courses available that can provide you with the place you are looking for when it comes to Golf. You can get a rental car from car hire companies. Car rental will make things easy for you, however you should compare car hire.

1. Finca cortesín golf club

It is considered one of the best golf clubs in the whole of Europe. It is very popular within the elite class of Spain as it is the place where you will experience peace and tranquillity. It has a beautiful location and it is also very near to the capital. If you are staying anywhere near the Golf Club you should visit it because it is situated in a very beautiful location. It is heavenly to play golf within the scenic views and under experienced supervision.

2. Club de golf la reserva – Sotogrande

This golf course is a natural setting at a very beautiful location. It is an 18 hole Golf Course which will provide you with a vast area to play golf. you can also learn from experienced supervisors. This is the best place to play with your friends and family as the place is very beautiful and refreshing overall.

3. Desert springs resort & golf club

It is located on the Mediterranean coast situated on the south-east coast of Spain. The surface of the place is fully equipped and made according to the rules of playing golf. There are desert plants and rivers situated in the area which can be challenging at times. If you are an experienced golf player this place can be really good to polish your skills.

4. Golf Torrequebrada

This Golf Course is situated at places near Marbella and Malaga. It has the perfect size area to play golf without any disturbance. It is a safe place where you will polish your skills and also learn new tips about playing golf. Many people have provided positive reviews about this place including locals and tourists.

5. Calanova golf club

This is a very well-maintained course where you can feel refreshed. If you want to play golf in a very beautiful location that has all the luxurious access to restaurants and natural scenes this is the place for you. If you are on a tour it is very likely that you will love this place because it will not only make you enjoy golf but will also provide you access to many things.


Golf courses in Andalusia are admired within the whole of Europe. If you want to experience something beautiful and thrilling you should never miss visiting these Golf courses whenever you are in Andalusia.